"Nought may endure but Mutability." -Percy Bysshe Shelley

"Nought may endure but Mutability." -Percy Bysshe Shelley

Saturday, September 10, 2011


It turns out I CAN do all things (at once) through Christ who gives me strength.  All praise and glory to Him who kept me glued together this week when my world was in a state of frantic change.

Like it or not, there were many changes that converged upon my life this past week (or 10 days).  All of it was good, though much of it was difficult, stressful and bittersweet.  You know how there's nothing, nothing, nothing going on, then suddenly EVERYTHING is going on at once?  That was my week.

I returned to work on 9/1, after being on maternity leave for 7 months.  I hated to go and leave my beautiful babies, but my bank account insisted.  No complaints, as it was by the provision and grace of God I stayed out that long.  Lucky for me there are children at work to love and nurture too.  I know it is my calling, so being there is really fine, though every day is a conscious effort to walk in love and speak in love.  There is so much to be overwhelmed, frustrated, annoyed and offended by at school, but one of the aspects of my change-filled year is to decide to be happy.  Ironically, one of the school psychologists has launched an "I Choose Happy" campaign.  A lot of people think it is corny or some Pollyanna rhetoric, but it  is working for me.  I have peace in chaos and happiness in less-than-ideal situations these days.

We moved Em back to college for year 2 on 9/3/11.  It was much smoother a process this time, both logistically and emotionally.  I was teary in the car, but way less worried because Em has friends now and was so excited to be back at MSU.  We moved her in quickly, enjoyed lunch with old friends and watched our just-about-grown baby settle into her new life.  Ask me where the time went all you like, but I will have no reply.  She's my little kindergartener in the pansy-print dress who happens to be a sophomore in college at the same time.  I miss her very much, but she is growing and learning at a new level that wouldn't happen if she stayed here.

Sigh.  It's not fair that in addition to going back to work and taking one baby to college I had to see my most spirited redhead off to kindergarten this week.  She set off bravely, down a tooth I might add.  She has that wide-eyed wonder when regaling us with stories about school at the dinner table.  What a blessing!  I hope her eagerness and passion for learning continues her whole life.  No calls from the principal yet, so that's a plus too.  My feisty little Lilybug makes me proud, vowing to intervene when she sees bullying and to help the teacher when she can.  Love that kid.

Would you believe in the midst of all this ballyhoo my sweet baby boy has gotten his first 2 teeth?    He got the first in the spot where Lily lost her first a couple of weeks ago (SPOOKY!), followed by its next door neighbor a couple of days later.  He is also wildly more active, wiggling and rolling his way wherever he wants to go.   He is enjoying being spoiled at Grandma's during the day and has adjusted beautifully.  What a sweet love he is, smiling and laughing 90% of his waking hours.

Today, after 11 weeks of training, I ran my first 5K.  This event was so momentous and important that I will chronicle it under separate cover in another post.  In short, I pulled off something today that NEVER would have been a desire of mine, let alone a possibility.

So what a week it has been!  Changes nearly every day.  Yet I feel strangely peaceful and fulfilled, despite the overwhelming nature of the week's events.  I attribute this to the Peace that Passes Understanding, which is, I assure you, very real and very wonderful.  Thank you Lord for being my Peace, my Strength, my Shield and my Redeemer.

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